Congratulations to 900 ELITE - for WINNING Regionals!
 & Earning a Bid to the National Division of The 2015 Girls' Junior National Championships!

2015/2016 Tryouts!!!! Much Earlier Dates this Year!

2015/16 Club Season

Tryout Dates announced:

13s : 9/26/2015

14s & 15s : 10/3/2015

16s, 17s & ELITE (18s) : 10/10/2015


Gym Closure - 900 Policy for Inclement Weather

The policy of 900VB will be to cancel practice whenever GCISD closes their campuses. We will post gym closures as soon as possible.

As always, if you ever feel uncomfortable driving in the elements, please do not attempt to make it to practice. Players will not be punished for missing due to inclement weather.